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Analyze your data, create and publish beautiful interactive reports. Simple, affordable data visualization solutions.

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With Rubbi you can analyze your data and create ad hoc reports with a simple and familiar point and click interface. No advanced technical knowledge needed!


You don’t have to sacrifice good looks for good reporting. With Rubbi you can have them both: well designed, elegant reports with clear visualizations that not only help to better understand the data, but is a pleasure to work with too.


We know that the price of deploying and maintaining huge enterprise business intelligence solutions may be a deal breaker for most companies. But Rubbi was designed to minimize those costs, making it an affordable, reasonably priced data tool.

We will guide you

You can connect Rubbi to your existing data warehouse. Or if you don’t have one, we will work together with you to create a solution that best fits your needs.

Access anywhere

With Rubbi you can have full access to your data visualization tools. You can create and browse all reports from your web browser.


Rubbi allows you to work together with your co-workers in real-time. By creating a shared workspace, all team members can see updates with no delays.


Query builder

Create reports easily.


Graphs & Reports

Wide variety of elegant visualizations.



Analyze and monitor your data.

 Technical details

Agile BI

We worked hard to make OLAP powerful functionality available to less tech-savvy users. This reduces business-IT feedback loop costs and let’s you experiment and deploy your ideas at a faster pace.

Multiple data sources

Rubbi works out of the box with Pentaho Mondrian and all XMLA compliant OLAP sources (like Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services). And if you want Rubbi to talk to other sources, just let us know. You can work with all sources in a single workspace.

Custom visualizations/ API

You can easily create non-standard visualizations using our flexible JSON API.

Hosted or on-site

We will take care of the maintenance burden and will host the whole solution for you. Or if you prefer to keep data in your own data center, you can easily install Rubbi there.


We contribute back to the open-source community. Please check our github projects: olap4r, olap4r-mondrian and olap4r-xmla.

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